Yellow Shea Butter


If you think your skin has lost its charm and shine then you must avail yellow shea butter benefits on your skin as it will moisturize the epidermal layers up to its core.

What’s inside

People often get confused between white vs yellow shea butter ingredients but there are differences in the two. Yellow shea contains herbs of the West African Borututu Tree, which gives it a yellowish color.

The herbs are added during the milling process to add extra healing properties, so it’s packed with anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. This what makes it an excellent moisturizer. Heal and glow all at the same time.


Details and Usage

Yellow shea butter is extracted from shea trees and is natural organic skin products that enable smooth maintenance and glow of the skin. With a sweet scent, this product is sure to make you look younger.


When you are applying yellow shea butter on your skin, just rub a little quantity in your palm so that the heat melts it on your skin instantly and moisturizes your skin even quicker and more effectively.

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