Ivory Shea Butter


The ivory shea butter is a skin product of Tashea Naturals that is processed from raw shea nuts. It is specially designed to nourish your skin and retain its softness through hydration.

What’s inside

African shea butter is a natural skin cream that comprises of unrefined shea, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. While Vitamin E ensures skin moisturization, antioxidant protection and elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, Vitamin A promotes skin-cell renewal and diminishes anti-ageing signs.


Details and Usage

Containing all the skin essential nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, fatty acids, etc, African shea butter is one of the most trustworthy organic skin care products. It accelerates collagen production and skin elasticity hence minimizing aging signs and stretch marks with time. Also, it provides ultra-rich long-lasting moisture to the skin.


For usage, gently warm up a little quantity of shea butter in your hands and then apply it on your neck, face and chest. Apply it only after cleansing the areas to be applied on.

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