Fractionated Coconut oil


What is fractionated coconut oil is a common question that strikes in the majority of human beings’ minds. The fractionated coconut oil is prepared by hydrolysis of coconut oil to ensure removal of all harmful fatty acids.

What’s inside

The organic fractionated coconut oil is a very pure fractionated coconut oil that contains saturated fatty acids, caprylic acids and a huge amount of Vitamin E.


Details and Usage

If we consider coconut oil vs fractionated coconut oil then fractionated coconut oil of Tashea Naturals is a better choice as it is devoid of harmful fatty acids. It enters the roots of the hair and moisturizes the scalp as well as hair strands.


For usage, pour little amount in palm and apply on hair after partitioning the hair. Make sure that the oil reaches the scalp. Massage your hair with the oil for at least 5 minutes.

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