Supreme Beard oil


Like the hair on our scalp, the beard hair’s care is equally important and for that, you ought to have perfect beard oil of Tashea Naturals.

What’s inside

If we compare beard oil vs balm, they both have their own importance and ingredients. Beard oil includes a huge quantity of Vitamin B1, B2, B6, A and E and protein to ensure hair growth and softness.


Details and Usage

The beard oil reaches the deepest portions in your skin and disperses the nutrients in a balanced amount to trigger the thickness and strength of roots. Also, it reduces inflammation from shaving wounds, pimples, warts or boils.


Homemade beard oil is one of the most trustworthy organic beauty products and you needn’t worry much about how to use beard oil. Like normal hair oil, it has to be applied on the exteriors of the beard hair ensuring that the oil touches the skin well.