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        Fractionated Coconut oil

        What is fractionated coconut oil is a common question that strikes in the majority of human beings’ minds. The fractionated coconut oil is prepared by hydrolysis of coconut oil to ensure...

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        Ivory Shea Butter

        The ivory shea butter is a skin product of Tashea Naturals that is processed from raw shea nuts. It is specially designed to nourish your skin and retain its softness through...

        TasheaNaturals Beauty Box

        This Beauty Box includes coconut oil, rose water, and the body cream of your choice.

        JASA oil

        Have you ever tried organic jojoba oil for face? Tashea JASA oil is made from a mixture of jojoba oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and argan oil to give a...

        Cocoa Butter Wafers

        Cocoa butter wafers are made of cocoa butter extracted from the cacao beans that are usually found inside cocoa trees. What’s inside The organic cocoa butter wafers contain cocoa oil as...