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        CocoaShea Body Buttercream

        The organic shea butter body cream is one of the most popular organic beauty products for skin as it fights the roughness ultimately providing smoothness with frequent use. What’s inside This...

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        Bulgarian Rose Water

        Organic Bulgarian rose water is one of the leading organic beauty products derived from the beautiful and scent-filled rose petals. It is a natural anti-inflammatory organic skin care product of Tashea...

        CocoaShea Buttercream

        Suppose you have to choose one between cocoa butter vs shea butter what will you choose? Cocoa shea butter cream is a combination of both organic beauty products. What’s inside Cocoa...

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        TasheaNaturals Beauty Box

        This Beauty Box includes coconut oil, rose water, and the body cream of your choice.

        Yellow Shea Butter

        If you think your skin has lost its charm and shine then you must avail yellow shea butter benefits on your skin as it will moisturize the epidermal layers up to...